Learn with Debojyoti

Teaching students is a great passion & aim in life for Debojyoti Gupta.Though he was lucky to be born in a musical family but unfortunately his parents were not sitarists.So he struggled & traveled very very far from his home to learn from his Gurus & in that process he realized how difficult it is to learn Sitar if you are not born into a great sitar family. There are very few genuine sitar Gurus who teach well & take care of his students.So from very early in his life he is teaching students & now have performing students from all over world.

Sitar lessons with Debojyoti are steeped in the rich and ancient traditions of India, in a true Guru-Sishya Parampara tradition. His teaching methods have been innovatively adapted for the modern world & with his long experience in teaching Sitar, he makes the most of the newest technology , while upholding the spirit of how Indian Classical Music has been taught and learned for centuries.

Debojyoti never believed in teaching in groups, which we regularly see in academic institutions or schools. He strives to produce more than mere students, but true performers in their own right, capable of disseminating the heritage embodied in his life and music around the world. At the very heart of the traditions he upholds is the ever-evolving relationship between the Guru and the shagird (shishya, student) based on respect & true love for each other.

Kyp Paraskeva, Cyprus
Patrizio Gasperini, Italy
Elia Lituani, Italy

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